Webinar | May 25

Epigenetic therapy: the secret of Japanese longevity

Specialists in aesthetic medicine and nutrition! 

You are invited to explore a revolutionary approach to rejuvenation therapy that can lead to significant external changes through small internal manipulations.

Can the body be programmed for youth and longevity? Our body’s DNA can be considered a Java code composed of unique genes that determine the development, growth, and functioning of the entire organism, including how we age.

Japanese scientists have developed innovative formulations that, when used over the long term, can impact gene activity and keep our body’s cells alive. Additionally, they have discovered that our genes do not operate continuously; their activity depends on external epigenetic factors. We can use these factors to program our bodies for longevity, similar to programming computer systems.

If you are interested in learning more about this breakthrough approach, we invite you to attend the upcoming webinar, «Epigenetic Therapy: The Secret to Japanese Longevity,» taking place on May 25th.


Lyudmila Gaida

PhD in Biology, biochemist, specialist in clinical laboratory diagnosis, nutritionist


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