About company


25 years of experience

Yotsuba Japan is a premium Japanese brand of supplements and vitamins with 25 years of experience. The philosophy of healthy longevity is based on the Japanese belief that quality and long life are inseparable

Yotsuba Japan’s products are unique, made from organic raw materials and contain high concentrations of active ingredients. Innovative technologies and advanced development from Japanese laboratories ensure the products’ quality, safety, and efficacy. All products are clinically proven and verified by independent test studies, and they have international certifications. Yotsuba Japan is a reputable brand that prioritizes the quality of life and healthy longevity of its customers. Its unique composition, innovative technology, and organic raw materials ensure the safety and effectiveness of its products.

The company’s goal is not only to help people live until the hypothetical age of 90 but to feel good while doing it. They believe in the importance of preventing diseases rather than curing them.

We share the Japanese philosophy of healthy longevity:

"Prevent disease, not cure it.".

Unique composition of the product

Innovative technologies

Advanced development of Japanese laboratories

High concentration of active ingredients

Organic raw materials

Clinically proven efficacy

Verified by independent test studies

All products are internationally certified